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Math Assessment Tool

The Pearson™ Math Assessment a diagnostic mathematics test that measures individual student skills in the main areas of math, as identified by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Pearson™ Math Assessment is appropriate for mathematics placement, assessment, and measuring growth. These tools offer a complete correlated instructional cycle so you can plan classroom activities that directly address test results. Educators 1 assess students to determine their skill level, 2analyze the results to focus classroom instruction and 3identify students who require additional instruction, 4adjust instructional materials to seamlessly address identified needs in skill areas and 5reassess to accurately track student progress.

Reading Assessment Tool

The Pearson™ Reading Assessment is a diagnostic reading test that determines what developmental skills students Pre-K through 12th grade have mastered and where they need instruction or intervention. Pearson™ Reading Assessment is a total solution for reading assessment and instruction. Recognizing that learning to read is not a singular, one-dimensional process. As students learn to read, they progress through a series of benchmarks, each representing different kinds of learning tasks. Using the Pearson™ Reading Assessment helps educators guide instruction and ensure student success while meeting national standards.


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