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What began as an individual passion eventually transformed into a burning desire. Headed and founded by 3 distinct individuals with diverse yet related backgrounds, Academic Station is a testament of hard work, resiliency, commitment and dedication. Recognizing the increased need for alternative academic solutions for students, parents and schools of all backgrounds, Academic Station was formed. The founders emphasized the importance of enjoying every minute when working with students, parents and schools. Its programs, staff, mission and philosophy were thoughtfully created with that very concept at its core.

With this concept in hand, Academic Station launched in 2009, after 20+ years of working in the teaching, business and social work industry. Its programs launched across New Jersey and then later expanded to North Carolina, South Carolina, and Oklahoma. Serving over 1000+ students annually since 2009, Academic Station is dedicated to ensuring that students, parents and schools are provided the necessary tools to reach their academic goals. Understanding that the job is far from over, Academic Station continues to work diligently to offer a one of kind experience and provide a canvas of alternative solutions without compromising its core values. Contact us today so that we may help you begin “enjoying every minute.”




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