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AcademicStation™ is committed to providing engaging educational opportunities for school districts, students and parents.

AcademicStation™ is a company that collaborates with parents, teachers, school districts, and local community organizations to create engaging and customized education programs.


AcademicStation offers credible and effective solutions for private, public, non-public and parochial school districts. We have professional, certified, and high quality teachers. There has been increased student achievement on tests, report cards and proficiency exams.


AcademicStation offers credible and effective solutions for private, public, non-public and parochial school districts. Given the recent changes that have swept through the academic K-12 sector and the adaptation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), AcademicStation has revamped and retooled all of its academic programs to better serve and support students, districts and teachers.

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AcademicStation™ is a Premier Educational Services Provider, providing research-based, classroom-proven materials that assist education professionals with diverse benchmarks and the needs of every classroom.  AcademicStation™ programs are designed to adhere and surpass national and state-specific standards in public, private and religious school districts.

AcademicStation™ core values, Achievement | Performance | Solutions, are components that are integrated into each and every AcademicStation™ program.  AcademicStation™ provides customizable, diverse and engaging educational components, that are tailored to fit the specific needs of school districts, students and parents.  AcademicStation™ programs are supported and reaffirmed by proven solutions and unyielding educational research.

AcademicStation™ programs offer diversity and variety, and help students Achieve and Perform.  AcademicStation™ educational programs assist students develop positive learning habits, reach and achieve higher benchmarks, and perform well in school.

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